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Simon stumbled out of The Birmingham Institute of Art & Design in 2004 with a 1st Class
BA Honours in Illustration. Interested primarily in the fantastical and the surreal, and the
veritable portals of the human condition.

He inhabits a delicately constructed vortex, spending the majority of his days downloading
information from a tiny cabin situated inside the Corpus Callosum region of his noggin.
Characters are a fundamental part of his work, described by some as whimsical, cute and
sinister in equal measures. He just wishes they were his friends.

Simon has worked for a bundle of diverse clients within the creative realm some of which include -

Cow PR,
Teen Vogue,
Mother London,
PlanB Magazine,
Fused Magazine,
Anorak Magazine,
Pointer Publishing,
The Illustrated Ape,
Stranger Magazine,
Continental Airlines,
Memphis Magazine,
Arts Council England,
Pennsylvania Gazette,
Suburban Bliss Clothing,
University of Notre Dame,
Capsule / Supersonic Festival.

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