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An inspirational talk with relevance to my search for a project sponsor this year. Max Schorr is a Co-Founder and Community Director of the wonderful GOOD magazine.

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Sun 23rd May 2010
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Thank you to Sarah Foley and the Pratt students for this amazing opportunity.

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Tue 18th May 2010
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Blog description from the brilliant Newspaper Project:

"This is the blog where we're alarmingly honest about where it's all going wrong. And occasionally smug about where it's going right."

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Fri 22nd Jan 2010
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This poster was designed by Steve Bond and Dean Owens for the purpose of inspiring content for their magazine POST.

It's a view of life summed up by the expression on Steve's wonderful friend Mabel's face, who should contribute her own advice to the project as soon as possible. For me it means that a day in thought is a day owned; thought leads to action; action leads to control, not over anything in particular, but some control over what comes next and that coming from you. Your input is vital: in collaboration, in everyday matters, in relation to others and to yourself.

So I wanted to put it up here as:

1) I have come to realise that it is a credo my friends live by and I'm delighted they let me turn it into an advice poster.

2) Because it is becoming my credo too and am proud to share it with such wonderful people. I hope I can live up to their example.

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Sun 17th Jan 2010
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Posted by : The advice project Posted : Sun 20th Dec 2009
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I just heard about StoryCorps through a wonderful segment on the BBC World Service Outlook programme.

"You bring a loved one to our booth - a parent, a friend or someone you have just met on the bus whose story you want to get to know - and for forty minutes you just talk. Most people ask the big life questions like: "What are the most important lessons you have learnt?", "How do you want to be remembered?" or "What did your grandmother sing to you when you were a child?" Then at the end of 40 minutes two CDs have been burnt, one stays with you and the second goes to us and we put it in the Library of Congress and it becomes part of the oral history of America."

Listening to the piece reminded me of the inspiration for this project. I was talking to my friend Cynthia and she mentioned how she often asked her Grandmother for advice and inpiration; it was something I had never done and immediately regretted. 

I wrote down two phrases from Mathew Bannister's conversation with StoryCorps founder David Isay:

"Forty minutes to transmit wisdom from one generation to the next."

"Turn off your computer and cellphone, look a loved one in the eye and tell them how much they mean to you by listening to them."

There is a wonderful conversation between Seymour and Marcia Gottlieb in the Outlook piece and these three compilations are an introduction to the breadth and emotion of the recordings. The talk below by founder David Isay gives an overview of his career as a Radio Producer and the ideas and passion behind the StoryCorps project (apologies for posting such a long video, but I enjoyed it so much I would feel I was cheating to post anything shorter). 

Finally, if you have the chance, I throughly recommend listening to as much of the World Service as you can.

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Fri 27th Nov 2009
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There is no obligation, but I would be delighted if you would consider posting on the Creator blog. 

In the past 4 years the range of people who contributed to the project, by sharing something and making a connection, have, on every level, made it what it is. 

To continue to share, even on the smallest scale - by drawing from individual experiences: things you've learnt; things you are learning; things you are passionate about; things you are worried about; things you have finished; things you are working on; things you are thinking of; the sort of things you would share in a discussion with friends, family or workmates  - it could be possible to create an expansive resource for current students, graduates and fellow contributors. 

Not every day, or every week, but whenever you have the impulse to share, please do. 

The connection that started when a student received your poster has the chance to continue; we can map out a small area of the transistion from student to graduate and there is also potential to break down boundries between disciplines, posts by a Designer will appear next to those by a Fine Artist.

I think we can create something really exciting.

This will be a learning process, but I'd love to hear what you think.

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Mon 23rd Nov 2009
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It may not look like much, but this is pretty rough for Gylly.

And after a night of storms...

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Thu 19th Nov 2009
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I have begun to categorize posters for the Catalogue and am trying to break down the broader topics like Work into something more specific. At the moment Travel works well and I'm thrilled with Ideas. Spur and Carpe Diem perhaps overlap a little too much. 

Also for each poster, I have been adding links to related designs.

In both cases, having to hold all the different images in your head at once inevitably means missing some, so it will be a question of refinement for quite a while.

Moving from one theme to another has changed my view of many of the posters too.

I'd always thought of David Plant's design as rather a gentle reminder. But now I see the illustration as someone regretting their initially brave decision and at the same time realising it's probably too late to amend it. The words and hand type are a reassurance that doubts are part and parcel of those decisions.

I'd welcome any help with the catalogue. If you'd like to suggest a poster category or you disagree with placement of a poster within a category, please leave a comment below.

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Sat 14th Nov 2009
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Thank you for visiting. The site is still a work in progress, but I am very proud to introduce some new features. Here is a short tour of our new home on the web:


The Advice Catalogue enables visitors to browse through four years of posters or search by creators and categories to fit their mood (Spur; Balance; Worries and Travel are some of my favourites). Our next plan is to begin cataloguing pilot submissions in the form of songs, films and written content here too.


Visitors can now also find out more about each graduate and graduates are able to continue to share advice and inspiration, as and when they wish, via their own page on the site.


An important part of this exchange is the Creator blog which aggregates all the different creator blog entries. I hope it will become a really exciting resource. We are also planning on developing site wide themes to encourage a conversation on issues such as mental health, collaboration, money and friendships. A Classroom Projects blog, for Schools and Colleges who use the advice project as a live brief for their students, will be online soon too.


If you are a fan of the project, our new Shop includes a choice of advice posters; our most recent postcard pack; screenprints and items by contributors that represent a personal aspect of their work.


Finally, if you are interested in adopting the project at your University or as a classroom project at your School or College please get in touch. An adoption and activity pack will be available soon.

More details ASAP, but in the meantime I'd love to know what you think.

Many thanks for all your support,

John Stanbury

Founder and Project Manager, advice to sink in slowly

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Tue 10th Nov 2009
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