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There has been a gap here since the posters were last given out in 2011. I'm very proud that a large number of posters are about admitting weakness and low points, whether to share a way through, or to let others know they are not the only one and I wanted to do the same.

Almost 1000 posters were given out through the site in 2011, with requests from students studying a great range of courses from across the UK. It was a high point, but I also lost track of the project - through a combination of depression and juggling money and jobs. I stopped seeing it clearly and if I stall, it stalls and it has stalled for 2 years.

Amazingly, through that time the project still has momentum. That incredible fact is thanks to all the artists who have contributed personal work which continues to speak to people. Posters that express an honesty and strength that inspires me to write now. The standard of their contribution is the standard I hope to meet. It is also thanks to the amazing support of people who in the time when I haven't been present, have seen the project more clearly:

Thank you to Birmingham Student Services and the University College of the Arts Canada who used the posters to reach out to new and prospective students and Haynes publishing who included some of the posters in their student manual.

Maria Popova at Brainpickings who posted about the project in late 2011 and who continued to spread the word by retweeting her original article, even while the project has been dormant. Each time has been a huge, generous boost and a reminder of what is possible.

Many wonderful teachers have been in touch and as a result I hope a classroom pack will be coming in the Autumn.

Kelsey Crowe has been an inspiring and extremely kind correspondant sharing the creation and success of her wonderful Help Each Other Out project, with a generous hat tip to the posters.

Most of all, my parents, who (among many other things) took it upon themselves to build this display stand and stand by it for an event at my Dad's University, where he has taught and lectured for his whole professional life.

This year, the project will be smaller in some ways and bigger in others, but it will be building on the ideas of giving out the posters through the website. It feels good to be back.


Posted by : The advice project Posted : Fri 01st Aug 2014

Yesterday afternoon, Shea'la Finch sent this e-mail introducing the advice project to subscribers to the Tiny Showcase mailing list to launch the latest fundraising poster.

I'm a big fan of Tiny Showcase and this email will shape how I look at the project for a longtime to come.


This afternoon we launch a special showcase with our friends at Advice to Sink in Slowly. This is a great moment, as we've long admired this crew and the support they provide for young artists.

Based in the UK, Advice to Sink in Slowly is an ongoing series of posters designed by college graduates for the purpose of passing on advice and inspiration to incoming students. The stand-up chaps over at Advice provide a free poster to every first year student that requests one.

With messages like "Look after yourself" and "Leave your room" and "Be adventurous don't use Helvetica for everything," the posters are illustrated by artists who have been through it all and offer inspiration and reassurance to the first-years just setting out on their own creative path.

The path of an artist - particularly one that sits in their room hunched over a table for hours, in solitude with songs and podcasts and books on tape - can be an isolating experience. Creating a mantra as simple as "If in doubt, make tea" or "Rip it up, start again" can be the morale that gets a person through a project or a phase, through the frustration and insulation that come along with being an artist.

These posters are funny, they are reassuring, they are sometimes achingly honest, and they are created in the hope that the creative people in this world can reach out to the new class and help keep them intact and on track.

100% of the proceeds of this project go to supporting the Advice to Sink in Slowly Project. This afternoon we launch the Eat Breakfast poster by Portland, Oregon's Always with Honor collective. The poster is available at this very moment.

Keeping the kids weird,
Shea'la & Jon

Update: this release has now sold out.

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Sat 29th Oct 2011

By Andy J Miller and sponsored by howies.

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Sat 22nd Oct 2011

The advice posters are designed as welcoming gifts for first year students, so I'm delighted to be able to launch a new model which enables first year students across the UK to request a free advice poster through this site. The poster is then sent in the post free of charge.

This new direction is self-funded, through the help of our sponsors who have helped produce an edition of fundraising posters. The sale of these designs helps to cover the costs involved. We can only give out as many posters as are covered by poster sales, but this feels like a big step towards becoming self sufficient.

I've just put the second batch of free posters in the post. The range of courses, locations and brief messages coming in from students are remarkable.

Two more fund raising designs will be released this fortnight: one from Tiny Showcase and one more from howies®.

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Sat 15th Oct 2011

We have sold over half of our first fundraising poster edition. Thank you to howies® and everyone who has supported the project in this way.

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Mon 25th Jul 2011

Earlier this week, howies began screen printing a t-shirt release designed by Lizzy Stewart and produced in association with advice to sink in slowly. This is another way that howies are helping to support the advice project. The t-shirt is available for sale on the howies website until the end of the month. This video - shot at their Cardigan HQ - gives an idea of the printing process involved. 

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Thu 07th Jul 2011
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A quick preview of our first fundraising poster sponsored by howies. The A2 poster will be available for sale tomorrow morning and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Wed 06th Jul 2011
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I'm delighted to share the news that clothing company howies will be sponsoring our first fundraising poster release, 'Find some place to stop & be quiet' by Lizzy Stewart.

Inspired by a conversation with howies Commercial Director, Ade Gunn, the launch of the 200 poster edition marks a new direction for the project. Throughout the summer we will be releasing a series of A2 litho posters. All funds from the sale of these designs will go towards printing and distributing posters to students enrolling at UK Universities in September.

howies will also be releasing a limited edition 'Find some place to stop & be quiet' T-shirt to help spread the word about the promotion and the project.

The first advice poster will be available this week on Thursday 7th July. The limited edition howies t-shirt will be available through their website on the same day. 

I will be posting more details soon.

Many thanks to everyone at howies for their inspiration and support.

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Tue 05th Jul 2011
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Just before I started the advice project, I was trying to bring together an idea for a student loan project, where University's had an 'impermanent collection' of work which could be used to introduce local people to the work and the work would introduce people to the University.

On a much bigger scale, this account by The Pentagram Studio in New York reminded me strongly of what I wanted to achieve:

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Fri 03rd Sep 2010
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A beautiful new shop icon created by Robert Telegramme and which is connected to plans for the first Monthly Theme of 'Beginnings'. More details very soon.

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Sat 10th Jul 2010
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