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There is no obligation, but I would be delighted if you would consider posting on the Creator blog. 

In the past 4 years the range of people who contributed to the project, by sharing something and making a connection, have, on every level, made it what it is. 

To continue to share, even on the smallest scale - by drawing from individual experiences: things you've learnt; things you are learning; things you are passionate about; things you are worried about; things you have finished; things you are working on; things you are thinking of; the sort of things you would share in a discussion with friends, family or workmates  - it could be possible to create an expansive resource for current students, graduates and fellow contributors. 

Not every day, or every week, but whenever you have the impulse to share, please do. 

The connection that started when a student received your poster has the chance to continue; we can map out a small area of the transistion from student to graduate and there is also potential to break down boundries between disciplines, posts by a Designer will appear next to those by a Fine Artist.

I think we can create something really exciting.

This will be a learning process, but I'd love to hear what you think.

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Mon 23rd Nov 2009
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