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Posted by : The advice project Posted : Fri 24th Oct 2014
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There are a few changes happening this year that I never thought I would be making. But I'm surprisingly happy to be making them. These small details can be a bit boring, but I wanted to document them all here.

This year the A3 posters will be folded to an A5 size and posted in an cardboard envelope.  

From the beginning, even though expensive, it was important to present them completely intact. The posters have been alternatively printed digitally, packaged with a cardboard backing board and shrinkwrapped for protection or litho printed onto a high quality paper stock which allowed them to be rolled up and posted in a tube.

But as the ambition of the project grows, cost becomes even more important. The cheaper the cost, the more posters that can be given out and an A5 envelope is much cheaper to post than a tube.

And there is a physicality to the folded up poster that I like. It speaks of it's journey and the fact that it is put up on the wall in this condition, with the creases that will never go away, means even more. That the power of the image is stronger than any imperfections. The paper stock allows for a clean crease and the printing quality remains very high.

The other change is that I have begun asking for a voluntary donation to help with the postage cost. The posters should be given as a gift. But the suggested donation will only cover the cost of postage, not the printing, not the overheads, not the packaging materials and it will be a small donation of 62p. I hope I can secure some sponsorship so that the posters can again be completely free. 

This is a transistion year, the posters are only just going out. But I hope it can lay the foundations for an ongoing future for the project

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Sun 19th Oct 2014

I love the honesty, seriousness and charm of Rebecca Cobb's design and I'm delighted I was able to print it larger scale as the next fund raising poster. I think it really represents what project is about, a long lasting design and a heartfelt message.

A2 "Don't keep your worries to yourself" fundraising poster available here.

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Fri 17th Oct 2014
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Just looking at the digital proofs for an advice to sink in slowly calendar... more details very soon.

Cover & layout by WeThreeClub

Get Lost by Thomas Barwick

Ignore both of them by Eleni Kalorkoti

Do what you love by Andy J Miller

Make the most of it by Nick Radford

Look after yourself by Gemma Correll

Make your own world by Supermundane

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Wed 01st Oct 2014
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