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December - 2007

The wonderful Illustration blog Drawn! have posted a link on the project. It's a real honour and a wonderful late Christmas present.

Thank you Johnny and everyone at Drawn!

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Sat 29th Dec 2007
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Thanks to everyone who visited the advice to sink in slowly exhibition at the Poly.

My favourite part of organising these projects is the hanging and I had a great time playing with different combinations of the posters (for inspiration, I recommend looking at how Little Friends of Printmaking and Analogue Books hang their shows).

Rebecca painted two examples of messages from graduates to first years, onto the gallery wall ...

Tem brought books, furniture, a chess set, cushions, a spinning globe, a tv, plants, a dvd player and a typewriter from home and created a unique and welcoming space it was hard to leave at the end of the day ...

... and Chris Stonehill coloured his brilliant comic introduction to the project and we printed it A1 for the exhibition.

It was wonderful to see the reaction to the posters and to talk about the project, with staff, students and most of all lots of people unconnected to the University. We sold out of 14 different poster designs and sold over 200 posters in five days, which was extraordinary.

Seeing all the posters together made me realise how far the project has come in a year and how much work people have put into it. It can sometimes feel quite a fragile thing to work on, but the show itself and people's response to it has made me really excited about where it's going to go next.

You can see more photos of the exhibition here.

Posted by : The advice project Posted : Sun 09th Dec 2007
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