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Catalogue - Hardship fund
Design by David Gibson
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The first piece of advice that came to my mind was to inform the financially useless of their entitled hardship fund, as my own discovery of it was irritatingly late.

As far as I am aware this is a budget given to the college which, if they do not shift it all they get a smaller budget the following year.* So if you are lucky and have spent all your money in one of Falmouth’s fine dining establishments namely ‘Clipper Café’ and you apply at the end of the year when they have surplus funds: you get a bucket load of free cash, to blow on more burgers and hot chocolate. Alternatively you could buy books and pens and stuff!

However this poster will hopefully spread the wealth evenly so that those people who desperately need to pay dragon landlords their extortionate rent can do so and then will hopefully stop eating out of bins, or drowning their worries in value whiskey. The only catch is that you have to be really scraping by, with far more outgoings than it is possible to count. This is a slight exaggeration, but you do have to prove you have NO money to pay for things you need. I would advise seeing ‘the advisor’ who helps fill out the form with information on what you need for your course and how much that should cost and what you are actually entitled to, to live (usually more than you think).

*This information was overheard, however it makes sense as most budgets for free money work like this.

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