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Catalogue - Give this poster to someone you don't know
Design by Simon Vince
More designs by Simon Vince

So it’s your first day at University. It’s everybody's first day. Everyone’s in the same situation, trying to meet and make new friends that will hopefully become your best mates for the next 3 years and hopefully longer.

I didn't want to create a poster simply saying 'Make Friends'. I want you to interact with it, communicate and share something through it. I want to present this poster to you as a blank canvas, a means of conversation and interactive communication rather than just something to look at visually. Making the actual experience the 'advice' rather than the poster itself.

The concept behind my poster, is that by the end of this exchange each poster will be totally unique and down to your individual and shared experience. Resulting in very different outcomes, whilst also giving it a purpose: to meet and make friends, which is also the idea behind 'Advice to sink in slowly'.

This is also the basis of the industry I work in now - trying to 'create conversation.'

To get people to engage and interact with a piece of communication rather than just gaining attention to sell something through over-saturated and brightly coloured pictures. And of course, it’s much more fun making friends than trying to sell things!

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