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Catalogue - Don't wrap yourself up in work
Design by Eivind Bovor
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When I started my first year on my BA course (Illustration) I was determined to do as much work as humanly possible. I felt personally that I had wasted a lot of time in previous years and I wanted College to be a time of "all work no play". I was afraid of not doing enough with my talent, I was always trying to catch up with myself somehow. I tried to develop my drawing skills at the expence of college work and was frantically drawing 24 - 7.

It worked - for a little while. But then I got rather lonely. I ended up not enjoying college work at all and I slowly realized that it was easier to work a lot than to make friends (to me, anyway). In short, I was acting very silly, as my tutors and classmates tried to tell me...

Looking back, I see that I missed out on a lot of wonderful opportunities to just enjoy life and all the fun that was going on just outside my door. Luckily, I came to my senses in the end of my first year and found out that life didn't have to be boring. There was plenty of time for both work and play - and I needed both. My friends and also, to me, my Christian faith is what helped me stop wearing myself out and beating myself up. No one's life is ever "optimal", but your life can still be very rich. I am thankful for the way it turned out. It was an important lesson.

I am still working hard, having finished college, but I'm not obsessed with work any more. Which means I'll probably get more done and have more fun at the end of the day.

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