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Catalogue - Ask more questions
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Ask more questions:

Remember, you’re here to learn, so always ask questions when you don’t understand. You’ve been selected to be on the course for your raw talent and nobody expects you to know everything already. 

Speak aloud your suggestions:

It’s important to realise that all your ideas are valid – even the bad ones. Nobody has good ideas all the time and it usually takes a heap load of awful ones before a good or even fantastic one comes along. So shout them out, no matter how silly they sound – you may just inspire a friend simultaneously!

Listen to all directions:

During your stay you will hear many opinions and receive lots of advice from your tutors, some of which will clash and disagree with others and at times even your own. However, all good advice is based on experience and if you’re smart you’ll try to listen to it all and then make up your mind.

Appreciate the location:

Falmouth really is a beautiful part of the world and believe it or not, your time here will fly by. Just remember to take a moment now and again to admire your surroundings and appreciate what a lush and inspirational place it is. Trust me – you’ll miss it!

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