User How-To Guide

Thanks so much for trailing the site. 

When you log in, the first page you'll see is your user page. 

All the options you need to customise your page can be found in the HELLO menu in the left hand column (see below).

The only 2 options you need worry about on the 'EDIT YOUR ACCOUNT DETAILS' form are:

* changing your password (if you wish).

* uploading an avatar, which will be used on the front page (see below) and on user search pages (currently being built).

Here you can introduce/describe yourself and choose the name you would like to be used as an informal reference to yourself.

Your intro will appear in the left hand column on your creator page (see below) and your chosen name will be used throughout the site.

Here you can redirect some of the traffic from the site to yours and friend’s sites. You could also use this list to recommend any sites you visit frequently.


Notes: The maximum number of links is currently 10 but we can expand this if necessary.

I will be in touch to describe the ethos behind the creator blog soon.

The blog form:


Adding categories to you posts helps visitors search yours and others blogs for common topics. 

To assign multiple categories to your posts, hold down the control key on a PC or the apple key on a MAC.  I will enable an option so you can create your own categories ASAP.

Blog Body:

A row of thumbnail icons along the top of the blog body enable you to insert images and links and edit and style your text. To see a description of their function, rest the cursor over each the icon.

To turn a related piece of text into a link: 

i). First highlight the words you  wish to turn into a link (eg 'Hamish Ironside' in the text below), then click the 'Insert/edit a link' thumbnail icon. 

ii). Copy and paste the relevant link into the URL box which appears. Then press 'OK'.

iii). The highlighted text will appear as an active link within the blog body:

To insert an image into your post:

i). Left click the 'Insert/edit image' thumbnail icon. 

ii). Then left click on the 'Browse server' button in the top right of the form which appears (screengrab below).

iii). Select the 'Choose file’ button in the bottom left hand corner of the form, locate the file you'd like to upload and select 'OK'. The name of the file should appear to the right of the 'Choose file’ button. Now click on the 'Upload file' button on the right.

iv). Depending on your browser, you may or may not get a status bar telling you the progress of the upload. If you don't see a status bar, wait a little while and then press the 'Upload file' button again if it is taking a while.

v). When the upload is complete, the image will appear in the image upload window.

vi). Click on it once and then select 'OK' in the image upload box. Your image should now appear in the blog body.

vii). Images can be moved around and resixed within the blog body window.

viii). To upload multiple images, repeat the process above.

To edit an existing post:

Simply click on the 'Edit' tab in the top left corner and click 'Submit' at the bottom of the form when you are done.

Once published, your blog posts will appear on your user page... 

and will be aggregated in the creator blog page (amongst everyone else's posts)

and on the creator blog preview on the front page of the site.

The gallery feature can be used to show: a selection of your portfolio; a series of photos (of an exhibition or an installation, for example); share sketchbook pages, document a work in progress, etc.

We will add the ability to categorise galleries in a similar manner to blog posts ASAP.

 To create a gallery:

i). Select 'Add a New Gallery' 

Notes: Whenever you create a gallery it will also be listed here. 

ii). Choose a title for your gallery and add a brief description to introduce your images. Click 'Submit' when you are done.

iii). Left click on 'Add images'

iv). Click on the 'Choose file’ button in the bottom left hand corner of the form, find the file you'd like to upload and select 'OK'.

v). When the image has uploaded, click 'OK'. If you wish to add a description to accompany the image write it in the next box. When you are done, click 'Save'.

vi). Repeat the process until you have uploaded all the images you require.

vii). To change the order of any of the images select and drag the chosen design to a new position in the gallery.

viii). To edit or delete any of the images, select the image and then press 'Edit' or 'Delete'.

ix). To check the progress of your gallery, at any time you can click on the 'View' tab in the top left corner.  To change the title of your gallery or the accompanying description click on the 'Edit' tab.

The completed gallery...