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I was recently asked to write a few words about my work for a local zine and ended it with a few bits of advice:

-  Stick to deadlines and keep in constant communication with the client. 

-  Always consider every opportunity, as you never know what it could lead to. 

-  Don't undersell yourself, as you've got a unique gift and people should respect that. 

-  Try and have fun, even if your working on a brief which isn't tremendously exciting! 

-  Make time for yourself and for your friends... sometimes going to a gig or reading a book can refocus your head before getting stuck back into a project.

In other news, I recently did this little drawing for a friend's new zine called COLLARBONE, which is out this Spring.

Image for Collarbone Zine by Dave Bain

Posted by : Dave Bain Posted : Fri 15th Jan 2010
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I am illustrating a collection of haiku by friend and poet Hamish Ironside. At present I am uncertain as to whether the work I am generating is preparatory or finished. It feels like a distraction to worry either way, though. I’m pleased with the freshness of the drawing. I had begun working on this project a few months ago and stupidly didn’t finish it in one deliberate swoop. So now I find myself ambling around pictures which already seem consigned to history, tracing new thoughts over old ones. In all honesty, this is not such bad practice. It feels good working in tandem with a younger self, realising where he went wrong and where I could learn…

Here’s one new drawing and I’ll leave it at that.

Posted by : Barnaby Richards Posted : Wed 03rd Jun 2009
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My first book has been published by Atlantic Press. I'm still very pleased with it (although I've been told the feeling wears off after a while, as the restless desire to make new and better things creeps back).

Sample pages can be seen in the 'book' section of my website. It should also be appearing in the more adventurous of book shops soon.

Posted by : Richard Dinnis Posted : Wed 03rd Dec 2008
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FISTACUFFS - A most ingenious blog.

Draw and submit a fighter, watch it go up against someone else's, and then proceed in delight as you Draw/Fight it out - and to do so, Smak Talk must be engaged in. The outcome of the fight is drawn and described, as envisioned by you and your opponent. Inventiveness arises of its own accord, a necessity in this ink-splattered arena.

A lovely aspect was the immediacy of it all - as soon as the fight commences, your Smak Talk and character are commented on, criticised, appreciated, and voted for/against - and the degree to which this can push forward your drawn efforts is unprecedented.

Excellent stuff. Try it out and see.


Lord Harm vs RainBoar

Lord Harm vs Big Daddy Volkanev

Lord Harm vs Sir Araknis

Lord Harm vs Cannon Father

Lord Harm consolation drawing


I find libraries to be an immense and quiet kind of magic. The potential of a library (arising from its nature as a final, comprehensive statement regarding human effort and knowledge) to contain any book brings out it's intrinsic wonder: that a thing made by men should be capable of containing everything, including itself, inside of it. An assurance of a complete knowledge of things is promised. It is the allure of this promise that I sought to depict in the book below.

Posted by : David Mathews Posted : Thu 18th Oct 2007
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