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Really just to test this out I thought I'd upload two recent pictures that I've been thinking about this evening.  

The first is an etching.  I've spent a very long time making this and a very long time looking at it tonight.  After smoking many cigarettes I've been forced to admit what I already knew; it's not finished and isn't going into the frame I've had made for it and isn't going up to London tomorrow with the others.  If I let it go like this all I'll ever be able to see in it is what it could have been.

The other image is a birthday card that I made for a friend and masking taped outside the front door of  her flat very late the other night.  Although the first sausage I painted didn't quite look right, the whole thing didn't take very long at all and I really rather like it.

Some things take a long time and some things don't.  It's not always about time, but it maybe it is always about the opinion of the inner censor.  And the more I think about this man the more I think he might really be quite important.  Sat high in a wobbly homemade chair crossing out lazy words in bad poems he's quite often the only person who really gives a shit and the only reason this whole thing is worth doing.  And if you remember it was on his advice that you turned your back on chartered accountancy and all the fancy things like security and saloon cars that come with it.  So you are stuck listening to his music, and you might as well dance.

Posted by : Richard Dinnis Posted : Tue 12th Jan 2010
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