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Posted by : Yee Ting Kuit Posted : Thu 19th Nov 2009
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Hi everyone,

On the first blog I wanted to tell you all and let you know about my steps into the world of Graphic design. I am Liz May, but I work under the name of design thoughts as I feel it is catchy and reflects in what I do.

My poster and idea for this project came about whilst I was at University, 'if in doubt doodle' carry a notebook around with you, and gain inspiration in whatever you can. (the smaller the notebook the better, you can take it everywhere with you) I found that in my third year, and most importantly now, I would gain and still do, an idea, thought etc...whenever. So in order to keep hold of an idea I would jot it down, and find it useful later.

I wanted to put a blog on here, to let people know how I have felt since leaving University, and would welcome other peoples thoughts on this to...

This is what I have thought of so far...

I have (or think I have) gained even more of a sense of my own style of Graphic design, and have become more confident at pushing an idea

I have been on countless job interviews, but unfornatly have not got anywhere so far on this, however I have achieved my dream more on pushing my freelance side of Graphic design instead (hence design thoughts)

I don't think that a 1st or 2:1 is the be all and end all of Uni, I came out with a 2:2 and appreciate working hard to get an interesting project.

Right if this has been abit waffly, sorry, but will keep you all posted soon on how design thoughts progresses

cheers x

Posted by : Liz May Posted : Tue 17th Nov 2009
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In August I made the equally pleasurable and painful journey from Exeter to Bude, on the coast of Cornwall. With a bike a tent a camera and a friend, not realising just how hilly that part of England actually is. There‚Äôs a little piece I wrote for Level here with photographs by myself and Simon Peplow. There are a few more photos over at Flickr.

Posted by : Lee Basford Posted : Mon 16th Nov 2009
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