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It's Monday the 15th October, and I'm at home, which is unusual because tomorrow I'm off to Mexico! 

It was about 4 months ago that I was presented with a brief to design the identity, promotional posters and material for a music event our company was organising. The event is sponsored by Smirnoff (one of our clients) who have teamed up with MTV to hunt across Latin America to find the best local up and coming bands, singers and songwriters to battle it out to win a Record contract.

I was chuffed that I had been chosen for the job as it was exactly the kind of work I had dreamt of doing after leaving Falmouth 3 years ago. I was the main Art Director and Designer on the project, along with another of my colleagues and together we directed the whole look and feel, identity and posters for ‘La Zona De Combate’ (the name of the event). We presented a number of ideas but the final concept was born out of MTV's above the line TV advert, which in turn was inspired by old Russian Constructivist and propaganda posters. Once our look and feel for the event had been approved we had to put together a visual toolkit that the Latin American markets could follow. This included the logo lockup, posters and promotional items such as billboard posters, t-shirts, pens, point of sale and of course some shot glasses! 

Along with our entertainment team and the account handlers, we managed to complete the project - with a finished toolkit and a 100 page marketing and positioning document - within about 3 months. This includes the sourcing of venue, the mechanics for the competition and website etc etc... which is an amazing turn around. I was told afterwards that our company has put together similar event toolkits, which had been smaller and had taken a longer amount of time and apparently hadn’t looked as good(!) It must have been a success as within the first week we had over 500 bands sign up through the website. 

For all my hard work on the project, I was asked if I'd like to go to the competition finals in Mexico and the MTV prize giving awards (all expenses paid!) and see all the work I'd created in situ – which is of course an amazing opportunity. After the awards, I will meet up with an old UCF friend, Cynthia Ortega Salgado (who also produced an Advice to Sink in Slowly poster last year) who lives and works as a designer/illustrator in Mexico City. She also heads a new Multimedia course at the University of Mexico City and has asked me to present my work to 30 of her students, in a similar way to what I'm writing here, of how I worked on the project and how my designs got me to Mexico. 

As I said, my flight leaves tomorrow and I'm going to stay there for 2 weeks (for a much needed holiday as well). But I’m sure I'll follow this up and write something about how it all went and hopefully post some photos up on the ATSIS blog when I’m back… that is of course after I’ve got over the jet lag, caught up on sleep and recovered from all the Smirnoff induced hangovers!

Posted by : Simon Vince Posted : Tue 16th Oct 2007
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