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Website features: catalogue

I have begun to categorize posters for the Catalogue and am trying to break down the broader topics like Work into something more specific. At the moment Travel works well and I'm thrilled with Ideas. Spur and Carpe Diem perhaps overlap a little too much. 

Also for each poster, I have been adding links to related designs.

In both cases, having to hold all the different images in your head at once inevitably means missing some, so it will be a question of refinement for quite a while.

Moving from one theme to another has changed my view of many of the posters too.

I'd always thought of David Plant's design as rather a gentle reminder. But now I see the illustration as someone regretting their initially brave decision and at the same time realising it's probably too late to amend it. The words and hand type are a reassurance that doubts are part and parcel of those decisions.

I'd welcome any help with the catalogue. If you'd like to suggest a poster category or you disagree with placement of a poster within a category, please leave a comment below.

Posted by : The advice project | Posted : Sat 14th Nov 2009
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