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Tiny Showcase - 'intact & on track'

Yesterday afternoon, Shea'la Finch sent this e-mail introducing the advice project to subscribers to the Tiny Showcase mailing list to launch the latest fundraising poster.

I'm a big fan of Tiny Showcase and this email will shape how I look at the project for a longtime to come.


This afternoon we launch a special showcase with our friends at Advice to Sink in Slowly. This is a great moment, as we've long admired this crew and the support they provide for young artists.

Based in the UK, Advice to Sink in Slowly is an ongoing series of posters designed by college graduates for the purpose of passing on advice and inspiration to incoming students. The stand-up chaps over at Advice provide a free poster to every first year student that requests one.

With messages like "Look after yourself" and "Leave your room" and "Be adventurous don't use Helvetica for everything," the posters are illustrated by artists who have been through it all and offer inspiration and reassurance to the first-years just setting out on their own creative path.

The path of an artist - particularly one that sits in their room hunched over a table for hours, in solitude with songs and podcasts and books on tape - can be an isolating experience. Creating a mantra as simple as "If in doubt, make tea" or "Rip it up, start again" can be the morale that gets a person through a project or a phase, through the frustration and insulation that come along with being an artist.

These posters are funny, they are reassuring, they are sometimes achingly honest, and they are created in the hope that the creative people in this world can reach out to the new class and help keep them intact and on track.

100% of the proceeds of this project go to supporting the Advice to Sink in Slowly Project. This afternoon we launch the Eat Breakfast poster by Portland, Oregon's Always with Honor collective. The poster is available at this very moment.

Keeping the kids weird,
Shea'la & Jon

Update: this release has now sold out.

Posted by : The advice project | Posted : Sat 29th Oct 2011
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