About the project

'We help graduates to pass on advice and inspiration to where it can make a difference.' 


About us:

First piloted in 2006, advice to sink in slowly is an ongoing series of posters designed by graduates for the purpose of passing on advice and inspiration to first year students. The posters are given as a welcoming gift to first year students across the UK.


Our ethos:

  • Everyone has a piece of advice they wish they had known earlier, but often don’t have the chance to pass that advice on to where it can make a difference.
  • Advice is subjective. But, by passing on advice in a creative way, it is possible to create something that can last, that people will want to live with and which can let the advice sink in slowly and be there to help out later on.
  • The prospect of University can be scary and it can take a while to feel at home and comfortable in new surroundings. As well as passing on advice, the project aims to help new students to feel welcome and bring a sense of belonging and continuity to their first days at University.
  • It is the attempt at the exchange that matters most of all.


What our supporters say: 

"These posters supply the sort of inside advice Freshers won't get anywhere else, in a medium that is powerful but not intimidating. New students are inundated with tips, but they're likely to remember these for a lot longer than the rest."

Judy Friedberg, Production Editor, Education Guardian Online.

"The posters are a great way to pass on advice and offer reassurance (with just a quick glance perhaps) when you need it most. Add in some eye-catching art from a leading illustrator and you have something that students will not only want to keep, but will no doubt go back to again and again."

Mark Sinclair, Deputy Editor, Creative Review.

"My advice poster was the first thing I put up in my new room the day I arrived and I still look at it everyday when I wake up. It's great to know that the person who designed the poster has been through what I am going through now."

Lauren Tozer, Second Year Graphic Design Student, University College Falmouth.

Founder & Project Manager:

John Stanbury

Web coding and construction:

Jowan Sebastian

Website design:

Robert Evans

Additional design:

Steven Bond  &  Frank Chimero

With support from: